How do I become a member?

Very easy, hit the red button “Become a member” above or on the right side in the menu bar. Then, enter all your contact details. We will then contact you! Welcome aboard!

Am I eligable to be a member?

Former Students

Weather you successfully graduated from the Bachelors and/or Master Degrees in Biomedical Sciences in Switzerland, you are eligable to join our organization.


Receiving support from an education institution means a lot to us. We would love to have you on board!


Being connected to the industry is a very dear matter of ours. A lot of our graduates would like to start in Industry and therefore we are very happy to welcome you as one of our partners!

How much does it cost?

Former Students pay a fee of 50CHF per year. When you join, we offer your first year for free.
If you bring a friend, the next year will be only 25CHF.
For educational institutions and industries the annual fee is 200CHF. We appreciate your contribution very much and look forward to work with you.

What are the advantages?

To only mention a few, we provide a unique network of former biomedical students. Our members work in very diverse research fields, from academia to industry, all over the world.

If you are an educational or an industrial partner please contact us in order to discuss our partnership! We would be very pleased to have you on board of our association!

Get your first year for FREE!


Our goal is to connect former students of the biomedical Sciences Studies in Switzerland.

Together with our partners we are building a profound and unique network among scientists.